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Exploration of Trust

This past month at the SITE SoCal Educational luncheon, we explored the subject of Trust by exploring it on three levels:

  1. Globally, from the perspective of Peter Tarlow, Ph.D
  2. Our Industry, as Gary Schirmacher explains
  3. Personally, by Deb Gee

So, what is trust?

“A firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.”

And why is it important to us in the industry or in our personal lives? And why is this a hot topic for us to explore right now? Here’s why…

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6 Ways to Find Fun in Your Sponsorships


We all keep hearing these words; Unique. Experiential. Unconventional. But how do we convey that and find our fun in sponsorships? 

Know Your Story. What are the results you’re looking for?

In today’s busy environment, we are always trying to focus our budget on things that matter while maximizing our ROI to share with leaders, owners, and management. Budgets are continuing to shrink; spending is being looked at more carefully as we move forward in an increasingly busy climate. 

Here’s 6 ways to have fun while sponsoring events:

  1. Clearly define your objectives. Determine which of your current goals or strategies the sponsorship can help achieve, versus creating new ones.
  2. Identify your equity opportunity. Find a space you can actually “own” and define what you can achieve; once you address it, share it.
  3. Value what you bring to the table. Every successful sponsorship also helps the promotional partner. Use the value you bring to the table to negotiate opportunities. Be original. Be creative.
  4. Look for ways to activate the sponsorship across all relevant channels. By understanding all the ways your sponsorship can benefit your organization, you can utilize the sponsorship to create value, drive responses, and grow business. Sharing sponsorship opportunities with your internal team equips your best salespeople.
  5. Capture data and measure results. Clear objectives should drive opportunities for measurement and optimization, which will be the key to quantifying and improving sponsorship ROI moving forward.
  6. Celebrate your sponsorships with new ideas such as: Free Headshots, Social Media, Smart Phone Contests, Cell Phone Charging Stations, Craft Stations, Big Kids Games, Fitness Stations, Professional Services (Massages, Facials), Water Giveaways, Goody Bags for Guests, and so much more!

Stand out from the crowd in 2018 and impress your guests with a unique sponsorship idea. Let’s talk Holiday Event 2018: contact Kathie Giles, VP of Sponsorship at for more info!

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Holiday Traditions around the World

Holiday Traditions around the World

Best wishes from Platinum DMC Collection and all of our DMCs for a joyous holiday season and a Happy New Year.

italyThe most traditional Christmas sweet in Italy is Panettone. It originated when a lowly kitchen servant named Toni burned his masters Christmas cake. He hurriedly mixed up some yeast with flour, eggs, sugar, raisins and candied fruit. The result was a great success and the family named it “Pan de Toni”, to honor its creator.

In Argentina homes are decorated and the Christmas tree put up on December 8th, the Maria Virgin Day. Decorations remain until January 6th, the Three Kings Day, when the children put their shoes outside to receive presents from the Three Kings.

In Australia, Christmas falls in the middle of summer. The traditional Christmas meal is typically followed by a family cricket match, either in the backyard or at the beach.

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