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Now Accepting Proposals for 2018 Holiday Event Charity Recipients

The SITE Southern California Community Outreach Committee invites you to submit a proposal to receive a donation from our upcoming 2018 SITE SoCal Holiday Event. For the past 19 years, SITE Southern California has held a fundraiser to benefit our local community. The Charity Event will include a Live and Silent Auction in beautiful Coronado this coming December 9-11.

Our mission statement for this event is as follows:

“To benefit small, grassroots, non-profit organizations, with little to no overhead, where the money received will benefit Southern California communities.”

The Criteria for Consideration as a Site SoCal Beneficiary Are:

  • The organization must be an established California non-profit with IRS 501 3C status.
  • The organization must fall within the scope of our mission statement: “To benefit small, grassroots, non-profit organizations, with little to no overhead, where the money received will benefit Southern California communities”.
  • The organization needs to be small enough that donated funds would make a significant difference to the lives of its recipients. We focus on charitable organizations that do not already receive large corporate or government funding.
  • The funds must be spent within the calendar year of 2019.
  • The organization must be fiscally responsible and fully accountable for how the money will be spent over the next year by providing three (3) quarterly reports in 2019 as to how the money has been used to benefit the lives of the organization’s recipients.

Potential Gift Income

We cannot guarantee the amount of funds our event will generate. In previous years, the average recipient has received between $10,000 and $35,000. Funds will be distributed in the first quarter of 2019.

Proposal Guidelines

Be as detailed as you like in your proposal, including letters of recommendation and photos to illustrate your purpose. Please also include the following:

  • 1. History of the organization
  • 2. Purpose and mission statement
  • 3. Documentation that you meet the requirement of non-profit with IRS 501 3C status
  • 4. Website, if applicable
  • 5. The population you serve
  • 6. How the money received would be used, and how you would account to SITE Southern California for your expenditures
  • 7. Provide insight on how you would share your story to our attendees in 5 minutes at the event and how you would include a past recipient of your non-profit.
  • 8. A copy of the latest tax return for the organization.

Note: You should plan to be available to attend the event in Coronado on December 11. We will provide to you two (2) seats, a complimentary hotel room if needed, a 6 ft. table for showcasing your organization and approximately five (5) minutes of time on stage during the dinner for live testimonials and a video presentation.

Give Back Get Back - “Hands-On Opportunity”

In additional to the Holiday Event, we will have an additional opportunity for our members to participate in a “hands-on” event. This event is in addition to, and separate from, being a recipient of the funds. The event will be approximately 2-3 hours, must operate within a ballroom at the hotel and there will be approximately 250 - 350 people participating.

To Apply for Consideration

The SITE Southern California Community Outreach committee will review each proposal and may ask for more details. Personal and/or phone interviews may be set up in September, 2018 for the semi-finalists. The ultimate decision will be announced by October.

Please forward your proposal along with a copy of your IRS 501 3C status and either your latest tax return or a current financial statement NO LATER THAN AUGUST 1, 2018 to:

Jamie Lee Tiffany, VP Community Outreach

Cell: 760-822-8618

You may download this document in PDF formatpdfSITE SoCal 2018 Holiday Event Charity Application(311.29 KB)

If you have any questions, please send via e-mail to:
We look forward to learning more about your organization and thank you for replying to our request for proposal.