President’s Message - 2018

SITE SoCal 2018 - Celebrate!Dear SITE SoCal,

In 2018 we recognize SITE SoCal’s 20th year as part of our SITE global community. It is a special year and we plan to Celebrate!

Incentive travel is an industry of celebration and as meeting planners and partners to the industry, we know that there are proven results to honoring successful performers and celebrating achievements.

In true SITE SoCal fashion, we plan to Celebrate! all year long. This may look like we’re having a big party, and we are – but in keeping with our core business values of working towards results, we also have an important strategy behind this.

We have three main goals for 2018:

  1. Acknowledge our success and how we arrived here.
  2. Appreciate and align with the core values of SITE’s brand identity that have brought us to where we are. Our core values are CONNECTIONS, CREATIVITY, TRUST, and RESULTS.
  3. Work with the future in mind to ensure that SITE SoCal will continue to Celebrate! for many years to come.

Throughout 2018, we’ll be focusing on these core values. In the first quarter, we focus on CONNECTIONS and finding ways to building upon our community of exceptional people, sharing experiences and supporting each other to grow as professionals.

CREATIVITY will be our focus for second quarter where were will work to drive powerful creation to inspire ourselves and others who benefit from incentive travel.

TRUST will be the topic for third quarter, when we will strive to support our members to deliver positive results to our companies and clients with ethics, transparency and mutual respect.

Supporting our members with resources and tools to show measurable ROI, bringing value to membership, andsupporting our professionals community as a platform for industry advocacy will be our theme for the fourth quarter when we focus on RESULTS.

We invite you to be involved this year to celebrate your own success with SITE SoCal and contribute to the sustainability of our chapter!

Get Involved!

Mandy Brown, SITE SoCal President 2018I’m proud of who SITE has been, is now and will be. As 2018 President, I’m dedicated to honoring the legacy of SITE SoCal, staying true to our core values, and continuing to celebrate our beloved organization for many years to come!

Cheers to 20 years!
Mandy Brown
2018 SITE SoCal President