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President’s Message - 2017

Dear SITE SoCal Family!
Jamie Oakley, Site SoCal 2017 PresidentWelcome to a new year, a fresh look, and a new adventure. I am delighted to be a part of this innovative chapter of industry professionals. Our chapter thrived in 2016, and in 2017 we will continue to raise the bar for our events, education, and networking. Our chapter’s successes are consistently acknowledged not only by other SITE chapters, but by travel and event organizations around the world. And it is easy to see why—it is because of you, our dedicated members.
You exemplify what is great about our industry. Our unique and strong relationships set us apart from other chapters. Our award-winning chapter has the largest SITE membership of any chapter worldwide, and we sell out all of our events. We have a thriving young leaders group, and our commitment to local charities is well known. It is no wonder that other organizations look to replicate what we do. We have accomplished this together because of you: our dedicated and passionate volunteers, sponsors, and members. We would not be SITE SoCal without you.

So this year we are focusing on you! Our theme for 2017 is “Reveal Your Story.” We are committed to providing new and expanded opportunities to get to know one another and to learn from each others’ experiences and perspectives. We will offer unique content designed to deepen our relationships and expand our viewpoints. We are going to engage, collaborate, and try new things. We are going to step outside of our comfort zones, but with the benefit of our colleagues’ experiences and expertise. As we do, we will learn more about the unique talents we bring to the chapter, and we will learn from each others’ stories while we continue to build our personal and professional brands.

It is an honor to share this year with all of you. I look forward to seeing 2017 unfold, and I hope you join us on this new adventure. Thank you for your support, your passion, and for being part of the SITE SoCal family.

Jamie Oakley
2017 SITE SoCal President