SITE SoCal Mentor Program

Participate in the SITE SoCal Member Only Mentor Program

SITE Socal Member Only Mentor ProgramIn mid-2015, SITE SoCal and the Young Leaders launched the SITE SoCal member only mentor program. The aim of this was to encourage and promote professional development between the Young Leaders and the… well… “more experienced.”

Given the success of the program, we are pleased to announce its continuation in 2016. Based on feedback received, we are changing the commitment from six months to one year (3/1/16 – 2/28/17) and instituting optional quarterly conference calls. We will also assign each mentor/mentee team to one of the three people managing the program this year.

For those new to this program, we pair a mentor and mentee with the goal of accomplishing 2-3 objectives that you each set. The preferred commitment is once a month for twelve months, with at least four meetings in person.

Mentors – besides bestowing all your wisdom (like how you should always take an uber to the industry cruise) and lessons learned (like that one time you said the complete wrong thing in an interview) you will also be improving yourself! You’ll be able to see the industry from a different perspective. Studies show this leads to greater success than non-mentors.

Young Leaders – sometimes you may think you have got it all under control and even inspire yourself. But let’s face it that wears off as soon as your second cup of coffee is gone. We all need to talk about our career growth. Think of it as a less expensive therapist for work.

So go ahead! If you would like to participate in this great member only program, download and complete the docxMentor Profile questionnaire(155.21 KB) and email it to before February 29, 2016 deadline. We will put our Patti Stanger hats on to pair you based on experience and skills.

At the end of 2016, we will celebrate your new found knowledge, greater connections and the fact that your mentorship commitment lasted longer than your “I’m-never-eating-sweets-and-taking-the-stairs-every-day” diet plan. We look forward to hearing from you.

Geraldine Gatehouse
Immediate Past President

Meg Gneiting
Young Leader Committee

Nikki Wilbur
Young Leader Committee