Our SITE SoCal Legacy is Your Legacy!

SITE SoCal is excited to announce the SITE SoCal Legacy Program. A program created to be sure our chapter is continuing to celebrate the incentive travel community for many years to come.

What is the SITE SoCal Legacy Program? The SITE SoCal Legacy Program is a collective of SITE SoCal members who have been involved for 10+ years and our chapter’s Past Presidents.

The Legacy Program has been created to:

  • Discover opportunities for our Legacy Members to stay engaged, find comradery, participate in two-way mentorship, and to share knowledge and resources with all members of SITE SoCal.
  • Find creative ways for our chapter’s Board of Directors to recognize our dedicated Legacy Members and highlight the many talents, expertise, and knowledge of these members who have paved the way for our Chapter.
  • Encourage SITE SoCal board members to serve longer and in multiple roles to enhance personal development, perspectives, and to provide strong leadership for SITE SoCal for many years to come.
  • Encourage SITE SoCal members to stay actively involved with SITE SoCal for 10+ years and to strive to become Legacy members, board members, and strong leaders in the incentive travel industry.

SITE SoCal Legacy program’s founding sponsor, IMEX AmericaSITE SoCal has an incredible community and as our chapter grows, becomes stronger, wiser, and full of knowledge – so do our members!

Thank you to the SITE SoCal Legacy program’s founding sponsor, IMEX America!

Questions about the Legacy Program? Please feel free to contact one of our committee members:

Brigitte Lundrigan
Geraldine Gatehouse
Mandy Brown
Connie Reeves