Karen Olhava-Henderson Fund

Karen Beth Olhava-HendersonWho Is Karen Olhava Henderson?

Karen Beth Olhava Henderson was a long time employee of Singapore Airlines and member of SITE Southern California. On December 16th, 2006 Karen was tragically killed in a car accident while vacationing in New Zealand. Rob, her husband and Luc, her son, survived the accident. Luc was diagnosed with autism at an early age and Karen was a passionate about his progress. In spite of his situation, Karen was determined that Luc would have every opportunity that she could provide for him and he would grow up sharing her love of travel, culture and the global experience. In honor of his mother, Karen, SITE Southern California donated to an educational fund benefiting Luc.

Karen Olhava Henderson Fund

Life, love, job, family all proceeding nicely… then all of a sudden there is a serious illness in your family, or a job reduction due to business, or your significant other is no longer with us. It happened to Karen, it could happen to you.

Each year at the SITE Southern California Holiday Event, we raise money for our selected charities, in addition $5,000.00 is reserved and named for our Karen Olhava Henderson fund, focusing on our members. If you have a traumatic change of life and need financial aid, you can apply for assistance with an email () to the Board of SITE Southern California with your detailed request. The benefit will need Board approval prior to disbursement. We all hope that no one has a tragic event in their lives, but you can never predict what life has in store and when you will need assistance.