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Life – Love – Job – Family all proceeding nicely…
Then all of a sudden there is a serious illness in the family, a job reduction due to business, your significant other is no longer with us, you can’t pay your monthly bills.

It happened to Karen (a SITE SoCal Member) – she was traveling in New Zealand and was in fatal automobile accident – leaving behind a young son.

Karen Olhava Fund - a helping handYour financial needs can radically change at any moment – you are not sure where to turn for assistance – SITE SoCal members have a resource available, the Karen Olhava-Henderson Fund.

Each year the SITE SoCal Holiday Event raises funds for charities, $5,000 is reserved for the Karen Olhava-Henderson fund for SITE members – and, you can be considered one of those charities – if you have had a traumatic change of life and need financial aid, you can apply for assistance with an email to the Board of SITE SoCal. Contact with your detailed request. The benefit will need Board approval prior to disbursement.

We all hope that no one has a tragic event in their lives, but you can never predict what life has in store and when you will need assistance, reach out to SITE SoCal.