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2017 Holiday Event Charities

The Rock Club - Music Is The Remedy

The Rock Club - Music Is The Remedy logoThe Rock Club Rock For Vets program was founded in 2009 by a musician, Frank McIlquham and a Vietnam Army War Veteran, Jerry Salas, who returned to civilian life with an inability to maintain healthy relationships and adjust to civilian life without being paralyzed from the horrific memories of his war experiences.

After significant therapeutic attempts which met with little success, music rehabilitation (in particular, drum instruction) was suggested. It was through the connection these two men shared through their love of music, the strong teacher/ student relationship and the healing power the music brought, that Rock For Vets was created. What they found was that music is a catalyst for healing, rebuilding self-confidence and reduces the daily stresses of everyday life.

By developing coping skills, compassion, self-esteem and communication skills Veterans are able to slowly reenter life. Rock For Vets is about giving back to those who faithfully served their country and are now in need of support. As one Veteran stated “This program gave me a reason to live. I no longer have thoughts of suicide.”

As of 2015, we changed our non-profit name to The Rock Club Music Is The Remedy, to include more community projects including seniors and youth at risk.

Donovan’s SMILE

Donovan’s SMILE logoDonovan’s SMILE is a grass root charity organization that aims to Support, Minister, Inspire, Love and Embrace our community. Our goal is to develop a grass root effort to help our communities uplift one another.

The concept behind the SMILE is twofold; as we all know, you receive more when you give, and the feeling in our hearts when we do for others is priceless. At the same time when there is need and a sense of helplessness a kind gesture can restore the human spirit and enable Hope. All this starts with a SMILE.

Since our inception shortly after Donovan gained his Angel Wings in 2014, we have focused our efforts on supporting children fighting cancer along with filling needs within the community.

We support pediatric patients and their families from Southern California area hospitals and facilities such as CHOC, CHLA, KP Pediatrics, Healthbridge Children’s Hospital, City of Hope, Boys and Girls club, and Orangewood Foundation.

Our efforts are mainly supported by our local community in Irvine, CA. We create opportunities for the community to be involved in helping ease the burden and pain for children and families going through treatment.