Celebrate! Q3 • Trust

We are thrilled to celebrate TRUST in Q3! We are working hard this quarter to provide opportunities for our members to gain knowledge, build relationships, and to provide an open and trusted environment for you to contribute and be involved in the SITE SoCal community.

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TRUST: The SITE Core Value That's Changing the Game

SITE CIS group

Message from the President

Greetings SITE SoCal!

Our year of celebration continues and this quarter we are focused on TRUST, which has been a great factor in the growth and success of SITE Southern California over the past 20 years.

You, our members, are the best in the industry and our Board works hard to provide opportunities for you to gain knowledge, build relationships, and to provide an open and trusted environment for you to contribute and be involved in the SITE SoCal community.

Thank you to all who were able to join us on July 17th for an afternoon of education at the beautiful Fairmont Miramar Hotel & Bungalows in Santa Monica! Because Trust can be discovered in so many ways and on so many levels, this program was designed as “An Exploration of Trust” featuring three highly respected speakers, presenting in a shorter timeframe of 15 – 20 minutes each. 

Dr. Peter Tarlow, from Tourism & More, returned to SoCal to share updates and information on national and global security. Gary Schirmacher, from Experient: A Martiz Travel Company, join us with his expertise on the subject of trust and how it relates to us on the industry level. Deb Gee from lululemon took trust to the personal level, sharing her story of exhaustion and how she’s recovered to be more confident than ever, also leading us in a short meditation, where we experienced an incredible sense of peace in the ballroom among busy industry professionals and friends.

John Iannini, SITE Foundation President, was in attendance as our very special guest that day and was able to conclude the program with great take a ways and highlights from the three speakers. We are so appreciative of the work the SITE Foundation is doing and SITE SoCal was honored to present John with a $4,000 donation to support the research efforts of the SITE Foundation. Find more on what the SITE Foundation is doing.

Research and education are critical when it comes to trust, and supporting our SITE SoCal membership and as an association. On July 12th, SITE SoCal held a workshop and exam at The Ranch at Laguna Beach for participants to become Certified Incentive Specialists (CIS). This was a special opportunity open to members only and we were very fortunate to have Dana Weaver, CIS, CITP, Member Board of Trustees – SITE Foundation and Senior Manager, Marketing Services for GROWMARK, Inc. as the facilitator for this workshop. 

SITE has developed career-spanning certification programs to match the key stages in your evolution as an incentive travel professional, from entry-level newbie to director-level veteran. Find out more about the CIS certification and SITE’s certification programs.

At SITE SoCal we find trust in each other as peers and look to each other for resources, knowledge, support, and friendship. 

I challenge you to maximize your involvement with SITE SoCal! Trust yourself to take on a volunteer role, to find new sponsorship opportunities. To tell a Young Leader about SITE’s Young Leader program, or reach out to a long-term SITE SoCal member and ask them what their greatest accomplishment in this industry has been… Who knows where it will take you, but when you take that step, let us know what happens!

We want to hear from you and support you in your journey.

Mandy Brown
SITE SoCal President