Celebrate! Q1 • Connections

This quarter we are celebrating CONNECTIONS!

Through CONNECTIONS, SITE SoCal continues to find ways to build upon our community of exceptional people, sharing experiences, and supporting each other to grow as professionals.

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SITE SoCal Trivia ~ Giveaway. Enter to Win TODAY!

To win a 1 night’s stay at The US GRANT, a Luxury Collection Hotel, San Diego (with parking and breakfast for two) answer this question:

Out of the 303 members who have renewed their 2018 memberships so far, how many do you think have been a member for 5+ years?

Please send your responses to Brian Griffith @ (extra points will be awarded for any fun pictures of you with other SITE SoCal members sent with your answer to Brian).

members on beachThe winner will be the person who can accurately guess the number or can come the closest to the exact number. If more than 1 person answers correctly, we will draw a winner. We will reveal the answer on our next newsletter!

Thank you to our incredible members that keep everyone motivated every day. Our membership does not grow exponentially like this without the hard work of our Board of Directors, committees, volunteers, and our committed members. We will watch in awe and anticipation, as our chapter grows to 400 members for the first time in SITE SoCal history!

Now let’s celebrate!