Celebrate! Q2 • Creativity

This quarter, we celebrate CREATIVITY! From teaming up with Haute Dokimazo to featuring our member’s creative flair, we know you all drive powerful creation.

We do things a little differently at SITE, and we’re proud of that!

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Love, Serve, Care: Raising Awareness About Human Trafficking

Donovan’s Smile

Wow! What an overwhelming successful event we had at The Pendry with Gently Hugged. Collaboratively we donated 22 books, 12 toys, 39 blankets, and 95 lbs. of clothing. This was our first luncheon where we added a Give Back component that would directly benefit the charity. We decorated over 40 bags that will be used to deliver the items to the mothers in need. The donated items will directly benefit at-risk babies in our community. Our donations will make a big difference in the lives of these newborns. 

In addition, we partnered with The Dream Builder Project based out of Los Angeles at Global Meetings Industry Day. The Dream Builders Project is a non-profit organization determined to raise awareness about human trafficking in Los Angeles and provide supplies and support for those affected by human trafficking.

We also have some great updates to share from our 2017 Holiday Event Charities:

  • Donovan’s Smile: Our Young Leader members had the opportunity to volunteer at Children’s Hospital of Orange County. Baskets of Love were donated to the children and the Easter Bunny brought priceless SMILEs to the warriors fighting for their lives. In addition, there was an area for arts and crafts where we got to know the children and their families. A day many of us will never forget!
  • The Rock Club, Music is a Remedy: Veterans and their families live in a supportive housing community and now will have the opportunity to join the drum circle at Villages of Cabrillo in Long Beach. Thank you to the donation of SITE SoCal, this is now called the SITE SoCal Drum Circle.

Donovan’s SmileAs we echo at the Holiday Event every single year, ‘it’s all about the charities.’ We want to uncover and learn about new charities that are close to our SITE SoCal community, or have given back to you, your family, or even your colleagues. Do you have a charity of importance to you or your family? Please be sure to share with Jamie Lee Tiffany, VP Community Outreach at .